Do you have a repeat prescription?

If so please read the below information about important changes to the ordering process.
Some of our patients manage their own repeat prescriptions by placing their requests with the GP practice or by ordering them online. However, other patients use a pharmacy service to place their repeat prescription order on their behalf.
If you currently use a pharmacy service to order your repeat prescriptions, this is now changing.

What is changing?
From Monday 1st February 2019 we will no longer accept repeat prescription requests from your pharmacy.

You (or your carer/nominated family member/friend) will have to order your repeat prescription from the practice.

How do I order my prescription from my GP practice?
Your prescription will need to be ordered using one of the following options:

  1. Drop off or post to us the tick slip – this is the right-hand side of your prescription selecting only the items you need. If you don’t have your order slip please put your request in writing. Please write your full name, date of birth and list the medications you require (including name of the medication and strength).
  2. Ordering online –It is VERY CONVENIENT and we at the practice will help you to set this up. You also get the added bonus of then being able to book your GP appointments online!
  1. Telephone Requests will only be taken for patients who are housebound and cannot attend the surgery.

What is not changing?
• If you already order repeat prescriptions directly from your GP Practice this change will not affect you.
• Pharmacies can continue to collect prescriptions from GP practices.
• Pharmacies can still receive prescriptions electronically.
• Pharmacies can still deliver medications and other items to you.

Why is this change happening?
• We are working with NHS Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other Brent GP practices to monitor and control medicines more closely. Evidence tells us that when patients order their own prescriptions this is safer for the patient and reduces waste.
• It is safer because you know best of what medications your require and when any changes have been made to your repeat prescriptions better than the pharmacists.
• Under the old system, some patients reported that they began to build up a large stock of unused medication. A lot of this medication could not be stored safely or be used within ‘use by’ date which is a safety concern
• Unused medicines or ‘medicines waste’ is estimated to cost the NHS millions of pounds every year. This money can be used to fund other health care services in Brent.
• For more information on the why the change is happening please visit

What can I do to help reduce medicines waste?
Before you order your repeat prescriptions:
• Check how many days of medication you have left before ordering
• Allow enough time when ordering your repeat prescription for those items that you need. You should order when you have 7-10 days of medicines left so that your prescription is ready to collect at the practice or at your nominated Pharmacy. Please note it takes 48 hours to turn a prescription around in the GP surgery from ordering to it being ready to be collected.
• Remember to only order the items you need



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