Coronavirus (COVID 19)

If anyone (including children) develop a new fever or cough they should self isolate for 7 days. E.G. not leave the house .

Please see for more information

Anyone who has had contact with a known case of coronovirus or has travelled to a category 1 country (China, Iran, South Korea – Daegu or Cheongdo, Italy) should self isolate for 14 days. Even if no symptoms arise.

Your GP cannot test for COVID 19.

The Practice has been instructed by NHSE to cancel all routine face to face appointments, all appointments are to be switched to telephone/video consultations and only patients that really need to be seen after being assessed on the phone by a clinician will be.

The Practices will continue to have processes to ensure childhood immunisation and other essential care continues.

If you are seen at the surgery your clinician may need to wear gloves, gown and mask so do not be alarmed.


1. Do not attend the practice if you have a fever or cough or have been in contact with someone with COVID 19 or travelled to a high risk country even if you had a prior appointment booked for another reason.

2. If you are told to come to the surgery for an assessment listen carefully to instructions. You may be asked to wait in your car until the clinician calls you in/ to wait in a different area. This is to protect you and other patients.

3. DO NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY  for any reason unless you have been advised to.

4. Register for the NHS app or Use the Online Access to be able to book telephone consultations over the phone, request prescriptions and look at test results.

5. Do not call the GP surgery unless you need to. Surgery phone lines are facing high demand. Please use the online 111 tools to try to self manage first.

6. Register for electronic prescribing and inform your pharmacy that you wish to nominate them. You can then request prescriptions online or via your pharmacy and they are issued electronically to your chemist avoiding your need to visit the surgery.

The practice needs your help to ensure that they can protect patients and staff and to stay open at this difficult time.

Please remember that if you are unwell for other reasons eg chest pain / found a breast lump / other significant illnesses you should still ask for help!

This may be a worrying time and some may find they are struggling with their mental health. @WHO have put together some helpful wellbeing tips for individuals, communities, health workers and parents, you can find these here

Please look out for your vulnerable neighbours, family and friends. If you know you have a housebound neighbour, check they have enough food.

For most COVID 19 will be a mild illness. The purpose of trying to reduce the rate that people catch it by isolating those affected is to try to keep the NHS running to be able to care for those who are very sick.


1. DO NOT attend the Emergency Department unless it is an emergency. They are struggling with workload before COVID 19! But conversely if you have chest pain that persists or symptoms of a stroke (FAST) DO NOT DELAY . Call 999.

2. Please do not attend hospitals for visits or appointments or attend care homes if you have symptoms of a fever /cough OR have been in contact with someone with COVID 19 in the last 14days OR travelled in the last 14days

Please check for up to date information.

For Daily updates on the CONVID 19 please check 

For Travel advice please visit

And keep washing your hands 👊🏼

Hand Washing Techniques

Stay healthy and stay safe


The Sunflower Medical Centre Team

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